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Screen-shot-2014-03-29-at-1.50.10-PMIf you’ve been a reader here for a bit, you’ve likely heard me mention the name of Gini Dietrich, the CEO of Arment Dietrich and founder of the blog Spin Sucks.  I’m a fan of Gini’s, especially in the crisis management work and advice that she gives over at the blog.  So when she offered to send a copy of her latest book Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Ageto me, I was ecstatic!

We’ve chatted quite extensively about conflict/crisis management here in the online space (so much that we turned it into a workshop), and this is definitely a book that I’ll be adding to my recommended reads list.  Not only does the book give great advice for those in the public relations field, but that advice carries over to accessible knowledge for small business owners that are looking to manage difficult situations in the online space.

Not only does Gini help you with crafting your story and message so that it can reach the right ears, she also deals quite a bit with the crisis management side of things.  From real-life examples of how to deal with trolls, dealing with criticism, and managing conflict, Gini gives some great step-by-step guidelines in how you can approach situations in the online space.

If you read Spin Sucks, you’ll get a flavour for the tone of the book, it’s engaging, direct, and Gini definitely doesn’t hold anything back from you.  Take a look at the promo video and check out the book!

Links to Spin Sucks are affiliate links which means that if you buy them by clicking on the link I might make a few pennies…well…I guess pennies no longer exist…so maybe a nickel 🙂 

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