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The Value of No

I want to tell you two quick stories, one about William Smithburg and another about Alfred Sloan. Fairly early in William Smithburg’s career as the CEO of Quaker, he impulsively

Why Your Leadership Title Means Zilch

I remember my mother making me write letters to some youth about something that I did when I was a teenager.  She said to me, “You’re a leader now, other

Learning Leadership with Carey Nieuwhof

Welcome to episode 6 of Conflict With Me! This week I got the pleasure of chatting with Carey Nieuwhof who has definitely been through some times of conflict and change within

Sawubona, Temple and In Medias Res – My Three Words for 2014

Another year has come and is on its way out the door.  As I sit here, on the last day of the year, reflecting on this past year I can’t

5 Ways You Can Survive Your Holiday Gatherings

I found this post the other day from one of my old sites that I used to blog at from December 2011.  I made a couple of changes for you,

How You Can Make A Difference

I’ve volunteered to be a social advocate for Community Justice Initiatives as they are currently facing a funding crisis for their Stride program.  They are facing a $25,000 funding gap

Why You Need To Own What Is Yours

I’m not a huge baseball fan. Actually, the only thing I really enjoy about baseball is the beer that typically goes along with it. Other then that, I’d be fine

A Reasonable Reason For Unreasonable Behaviour

Here’s a few things I’ve heard lately: “They made me do it!” “They forced me to respond the way that I did.” “It’s all their fault, they backed me into

I Know My Truth – What Actually Happened?

Over the past little while I’ve been following the story of two New Yorkers who grew weary of the dating scene.  So they decided to date each other for 40

The Art of Small Business

The Art Of have had some amazing conferences in the past few years and some incredible speakers have taken the stage for their participants.  So when I was asked if