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Episode #4: Chatting with John Morgan

[powerpress] Recently I had the incredible pleasure to talk to my friend John Morgan.  He’s got a brilliant mind, an awesome book called, “Brand Against the Machine” (buy it here),

4 Insights From Improv That Will Improve Your Listening

“Alright! Everyone circle up!” “Alright! Half of you up there, the other half is the audience.” For the past two weekends, I have heard these phrases numerous times. You see,

What Makes A Good Apology? Scratch the But – Be a NARC

I’m just finishing up an article for my new online workshop that will be released soon about apologies, and I decided to ask some friends what they thought about apologies.

4 STEPS To Preparing Your Response To Negative Comments

This past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting on one of my favourite topics right now – “What To Do When Shit Hits The Fan” – at the fantastic

Reboot Your Business and Life with Mitch Joel

Disclaimer: I bought a copy of this book when it was available for pre-order and because of that was able to grab an Uncorrected version of the book before it

Episode #3: Chatting Conflict and Content with Gary Vaynerchuck

[powerpress] Today I was extremely fortunate to be able to talk with one of my “man crushes” Gary Vaynerchuck as a part of his #1adayqanda series that he’s been doing.  Gary

Episode #2: Why I do what I do and why we need to drop the Alternative in Dispute Resolution

[powerpress]   What’s in this Podcast? One question I get a lot from folks is, “How did you get into this work?” So here’s the answer! I also go on

Doing More of What You Love

Warning! This post is [potentially] selling you something…but if you’re looking to grow your conflict management business, I know you’re going to love it!  Since I’ve started my own Conflict

Managing Online Conflict

One thing that has really caught my attention over the last little while is the relationship between online interactions (Social media, blogging, emails, etc.) and conflict management.  One thing that

Ep #1 – Justifying Your Behaviour

Well, here’s a first for me! It’s a podcast! In this podcast I’ll explain a little on why the heck I’ve started podcasting and to talk about justifying your behaviours.