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Checklists can save your bacon

As he prepared to jump from his space capsule a couple of weeks back, Felix Buamgartner and his mission control ground crew ran down their checklists.  Felix had his checklists

3 Lessons in Crisis Management learned from Hostage Negotiators

Upset by changes in your customer service policy, a long-time customer has turned to social media, to vent their frustrations.  Not only is your business relationship with that customer in

Success clues for the Online Community Manager

As we figure out that we can get more good things done by working with others, I believe (who doesn’t?) we’ll put more of our apples in the cart of

4 “Hero” Skills of an Online Community Manager in Crisis Management mode

You don’t have to catch a child jumping from a third floor apartment building to be a hero in your community.   In the online community world, there are other ways

Manage your brand through fresh, relevant online content

Go to Google Search and write a query about something at the heart of your business.  What shows up on the Google results page?  Is it fresh, relevant content that

Connecting with your audience

It’s summer, a.k.a. festival season, here in Victoria. Again this year, I volunteered at the Victoria International Jazzfest. As a volunteer, it’s a soft gig. I can check out the

So tell me: Just how bad is that conflict?

What if we could measure, give a number to, a conflict?   Then we could say “it’s a 5 on the conflict scale” or “I think its dropped a couple points,

Learning social media through play

Are you avoiding social media?  Maybe it makes you anxious, “I might say the wrong thing or it’ll make me look bad or worse…”    Maybe you find it confusing.  At