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Developing Your BusinessI’ll never forget the first conflict management event I attended. I walked into the venue, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, found my name tag, and not knowing where to turn, walked over to the bar to grab a beer. Thankfully prior to the event I connected with a mediator, Colm Brannigan, online on Twitter who I quickly found and asked him to introduce me to a few people!  I’m not going to lie to you…I was nervous.  Like, profusely sweating and stuttering nervous.  To make matters even better, as I surveyed the room full of mediators, I was kindly greeted by an individual who asked me if my babysitter knew where I was.

9 years later I have the incredible privilege to get emails from aspiring conflict management professionals and seasoned mediators that are looking to grow their business to the next level.  Each of these emails asked the same question – how do I grow my conflict management business? I got this question so much that a few years back, my friend and colleague, Neil Denny and I started to hold workshops in North America to assist mediators, coaches, lawyers, judges and peacemakers in growing their conflict management business.  Thanks to these workshops, we got to meet some incredible people, see North America, and hopefully, move the conflict management field forward a little bit.

Over the past decade, I’ve the incredible privilege to be able to sit with a thousands of people as they give me a window into their lives. I love it….I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  That’s where I get a little conflicted myself.  I love the work that I get to do everyday – sitting with people as they share their stories and assisting them to move conflict situations into creative solutions.  However, I have received many, many requests from folks like myself, to assist them in growing their business so that they too, can do more of what they love.  So, I took some time to put down everything I know about growing a business and three online workshops came out – Developing Your Core, Developing Your Market and Developing Your Message.

Developing Your Core is really around the foundation of your business – you! It’s about drilling down into your passion, why you do what you do, how you do that, and the mindset that you need to succeed.

Developing Your Market is about diving deep into your ideal client and market.  The better you get to know the folks that allow you to do your best work, the better you’re going to be able to reach those people – the better your business is going to be.

Developing Your Message gets your message out there.  Let’s be real – You can have the best services in the world…but if nobody knows about them they can’t help anyone!

So if growing your conflict management business is something that you’re interested in doing, don’t miss out on these opportunities to do more of what you love…and get paid doing it!


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