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Building Your Mediation Practice

I’ll never forget the first conflict management event I attended. I walked into the venue, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, found my name tag, and not knowing where to turn, walked over

Doing More of What You Love

Warning! This post is [potentially] selling you something…but if you’re looking to grow your conflict management business, I know you’re going to love it!  Since I’ve started my own Conflict

You Don’t Have A Troll Problem, You Have A Listening Problem

If you’ve spent any time online you’ll have seen people say something like the following: “Looks like the trolls are out again!”  or “Don’t feed the trolls!” While I don’t

What is Your Conflict Best Before Date?

How many times have you reached into your fridge, grabbed the lunch meat, tried to remember when you bought it, suspiciously check the expiration date, carefully looked it over to

Press Release Mode: How to Kill Your Community Quickly

Let me just start by saying that conflict is neutral. It doesn’t pick sides. Sure, there is good conflict and there is bad conflict, but ultimately conflict is neutral. What

No Such Thing As Negative Publicity?

All Publicity is Good Publicity Right? Many people would have you believe that all publicity is good publicity. Sure it may get you in the news, it might even get

Manage your brand through fresh, relevant online content

Go to Google Search and write a query about something at the heart of your business.  What shows up on the Google results page?  Is it fresh, relevant content that

RIM May Be Down, But Are They Out?

Back in the days of high school I got to learn a form of kick-boxing in one of my gym classes from the world-class fighter Jeff Joslin. We learned how

Managing customer relationships is the most important use of social media: MIT Global Social Business Study

The most important use social media is for managing customer relationships.  That’s the word that came down in the recent study from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte.  Their 2012

5 Reasons To Take Your Conflict Public

I used to work in a drop-in center where the occasional fight would break out.  One dude would say something negative to another dude, who would counter with a comment