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A Reasonable Reason For Unreasonable Behaviour

Here’s a few things I’ve heard lately: “They made me do it!” “They forced me to respond the way that I did.” “It’s all their fault, they backed me into

I Know My Truth – What Actually Happened?

Over the past little while I’ve been following the story of two New Yorkers who grew weary of the dating scene.  So they decided to date each other for 40

4 Insights From Improv That Will Improve Your Listening

“Alright! Everyone circle up!” “Alright! Half of you up there, the other half is the audience.” For the past two weekends, I have heard these phrases numerous times. You see,

What Makes A Good Apology? Scratch the But – Be a NARC

I’m just finishing up an article for my new online workshop that will be released soon about apologies, and I decided to ask some friends what they thought about apologies.

4 STEPS To Preparing Your Response To Negative Comments

This past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting on one of my favourite topics right now – “What To Do When Shit Hits The Fan” – at the fantastic

Reboot Your Business and Life with Mitch Joel

Disclaimer: I bought a copy of this book when it was available for pre-order and because of that was able to grab an Uncorrected version of the book before it

Managing Online Conflict

One thing that has really caught my attention over the last little while is the relationship between online interactions (Social media, blogging, emails, etc.) and conflict management.  One thing that

You Don’t Have A Troll Problem, You Have A Listening Problem

If you’ve spent any time online you’ll have seen people say something like the following: “Looks like the trolls are out again!”  or “Don’t feed the trolls!” While I don’t

Is this a Problem to Solve? Or a Tension to Navigate?

I used to work for a social service agency. This agency got funding from the government who set up various guidelines and reporting measures that we needed to abide by.

What my 2 year old taught me about listening

I’m a fairly new Dad but can’t believe how quickly they grow!  My son is turning 2 at the end of this month and it’s amazing to see how he’s