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A Review of Spin Sucks

If you’ve been a reader here for a bit, you’ve likely heard me mention the name of Gini Dietrich, the CEO of Arment Dietrich and founder of the blog Spin

4 STEPS To Preparing Your Response To Negative Comments

This past weekend I had the pleasure of presenting on one of my favourite topics right now – “What To Do When Shit Hits The Fan” – at the fantastic

Managing Online Conflict

One thing that has really caught my attention over the last little while is the relationship between online interactions (Social media, blogging, emails, etc.) and conflict management.  One thing that

You Don’t Have A Troll Problem, You Have A Listening Problem

If you’ve spent any time online you’ll have seen people say something like the following: “Looks like the trolls are out again!”  or “Don’t feed the trolls!” While I don’t

Checklists can save your bacon

As he prepared to jump from his space capsule a couple of weeks back, Felix Buamgartner and his mission control ground crew ran down their checklists.  Felix had his checklists

3 Lessons in Crisis Management learned from Hostage Negotiators

Upset by changes in your customer service policy, a long-time customer has turned to social media, to vent their frustrations.  Not only is your business relationship with that customer in

What is Your Conflict Best Before Date?

How many times have you reached into your fridge, grabbed the lunch meat, tried to remember when you bought it, suspiciously check the expiration date, carefully looked it over to

Success clues for the Online Community Manager

As we figure out that we can get more good things done by working with others, I believe (who doesn’t?) we’ll put more of our apples in the cart of

4 “Hero” Skills of an Online Community Manager in Crisis Management mode

You don’t have to catch a child jumping from a third floor apartment building to be a hero in your community.   In the online community world, there are other ways

No Such Thing As Negative Publicity?

All Publicity is Good Publicity Right? Many people would have you believe that all publicity is good publicity. Sure it may get you in the news, it might even get