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I Know My Truth – What Actually Happened?

Over the past little while I’ve been following the story of two New Yorkers who grew weary of the dating scene.  So they decided to date each other for 40

What Makes A Good Apology? Scratch the But – Be a NARC

I’m just finishing up an article for my new online workshop that will be released soon about apologies, and I decided to ask some friends what they thought about apologies.

You Don’t Have A Troll Problem, You Have A Listening Problem

If you’ve spent any time online you’ll have seen people say something like the following: “Looks like the trolls are out again!”  or “Don’t feed the trolls!” While I don’t

Is this a Problem to Solve? Or a Tension to Navigate?

I used to work for a social service agency. This agency got funding from the government who set up various guidelines and reporting measures that we needed to abide by.

A New Year, A New Site

It’s with great pleasure and excitement that you are here reading this post on my new website.  It’s a brand new year, so why not start with a new look and

3 Words For The New Year

The past couple of years I have been choosing three words for the year instead of making some silly resolutions that I’m going to break within the first year. I

Success as a Mediator…for Dummies

Let me start off by saying I’m not a huge fan of _______ for Dummies. Never have been. So when Victoria Pynchon asked me to review a copy(yes…I didn’t pay

Shift Judgment to Curiosity

The other day I was at Staples picking up some sweet-ass (that’s the technical term) posters that I had printed and had one person waiting in front of me.  She

Measure Twice, Cut Once

My Opa and my uncle used to own a construction company together. The majority of their work was in finishing carpentry (at least from my recollection) and my uncle took

Learn to Speak Frenish in Your Company

Does Your Company Have a Common Language? A long, long time ago, there were some folks who decided they were pretty awesome. They could all talk together, they spoke the