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Shift Judgment to Curiosity

The other day I was at Staples picking up some sweet-ass (that’s the technical term) posters that I had printed and had one person waiting in front of me.  She

Put Those Words Back in Your Mouth – You Don’t Need Them

This is it! This is the final post of our listening series, and what a better way to end it then to talk about nonverbal communication! So go grab a

Hot Buttons, Listening and What Now?

What do we classify as an earful? You ever been blasted by a friend, boss, family member? You ever had to sit down and have a difficult discussion? You ever

Why Talking is an Important Part of Listening

Remember the game telephone? In case you don’t, here’s how it went; Everyone would sit in a circle and one person would say a statement or a short story or

5 Ways to Listen Without Your Thoughts

Listening is not waiting to talk. – Scott Ginsberg Sometimes it’s easier to describe something by showing what it is not. Like this quote for example. It perfectly describes what

The Secret to Listening

Hey You…come here…I want to tell you something…let’s keep this between us, ok? Want to know the secret of listening? It might surprise you, well, it shouldn’t surprise you, but

Listening: It’s Not About You

Friend 1: So I have this problem, my boss at work is really on my case lately and every time she….(tells problem) Friend 2: I had that one time, this

Everyone’s talking about it, but what does it mean? Listening.

It seems every conference or speak I go to these days people are talking about Listening.  In our relationships – we need to listen, in Social Media – we need