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Building Your Mediation Practice

I’ll never forget the first conflict management event I attended. I walked into the venue, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, found my name tag, and not knowing where to turn, walked over

Reboot Your Business and Life with Mitch Joel

Disclaimer: I bought a copy of this book when it was available for pre-order and because of that was able to grab an Uncorrected version of the book before it

Manage your brand through fresh, relevant online content

Go to Google Search and write a query about something at the heart of your business.  What shows up on the Google results page?  Is it fresh, relevant content that

Connecting with your audience

It’s summer, a.k.a. festival season, here in Victoria. Again this year, I volunteered at the Victoria International Jazzfest. As a volunteer, it’s a soft gig. I can check out the

RIM May Be Down, But Are They Out?

Back in the days of high school I got to learn a form of kick-boxing in one of my gym classes from the world-class fighter Jeff Joslin. We learned how

5 Reasons To Take Your Conflict Public

I used to work in a drop-in center where the occasional fight would break out.  One dude would say something negative to another dude, who would counter with a comment

Conflict: A New Strategy For Brands?

Where there are brands, you will find people.  Where there are people, you will find conflict.  Brands and people both tend to run from conflict.  Are you surprised? Isn’t Conflict

What’s your Signal to Noise Ratio?

I’m very happy to have my friend and colleague  Tammy Lenski here writing a guest post for  Tammy has been a wealth of information for me and is the author of the

It’s how you Brand Against the Machine

This week I had the privilege of interviewing John Morgan, the author of the book, “Brand Against the Machine”.  There is so much awesome in this video that I’ll just let

Big Ears + Small Mouth = Bad Marketing?

The other day a colleague and friend of mine (Arnold Zeman) posted this video on his blog the other day.  It has a great comic figure on it – check it