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Learning Leadership with Carey Nieuwhof

Welcome to episode 6 of Conflict With Me! This week I got the pleasure of chatting with Carey Nieuwhof who has definitely been through some times of conflict and change within

How You Can Make A Difference

I’ve volunteered to be a social advocate for Community Justice Initiatives as they are currently facing a funding crisis for their Stride program.  They are facing a $25,000 funding gap

Episode #4: Chatting with John Morgan

[powerpress] Recently I had the incredible pleasure to talk to my friend John Morgan.  He’s got a brilliant mind, an awesome book called, “Brand Against the Machine” (buy it here),

Episode #3: Chatting Conflict and Content with Gary Vaynerchuck

[powerpress] Today I was extremely fortunate to be able to talk with one of my “man crushes” Gary Vaynerchuck as a part of his #1adayqanda series that he’s been doing.  Gary

Episode #2: Why I do what I do and why we need to drop the Alternative in Dispute Resolution

[powerpress]   What’s in this Podcast? One question I get a lot from folks is, “How did you get into this work?” So here’s the answer! I also go on

Ep #1 – Justifying Your Behaviour

Well, here’s a first for me! It’s a podcast! In this podcast I’ll explain a little on why the heck I’ve started podcasting and to talk about justifying your behaviours.