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What makes you smile?

Yesterday I did a “photo shoot” for some pictures for my website/twitter/facebook and I was constantly smiling for these pictures!  Also, my son over the past month or so has

What’s this blog about?

So you’ve been coming here a little bit and reading here and there.  Or maybe this is your first time (Welcome to both!).  I thought I would give you a

Pull up your sleeves and do something…

Relationships; you can’t live with ’em, you can’t live without ’em.  They are simple, complex, easy and difficult.  Think of any relationship you have, it could be with your parents,

Strip Yourself Not Your Partner

This weekend I was stacking firewood and noticed the pile going crooked.  I made a few changes, adjusted a couple of logs and continued on with my stacking.  A little

Status Update: You’ve been quoted

I think every cop TV show I have ever watched has used the line,  “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”  

Are you listening with your whole body?

Are you always aware of the message you are sending someone while you are talking OR listening to them?  I’m not.  If I was going to be honest about it,

Stop being a robot, be real

Have you ever asked the question, “How are you doing today?”  What do you expect from the answer?  Do you expect the usual response of, “I’m doing ok,” or “I’m

Yep…I’m a dad!

So this week started off tough.  There was no doubt about, it was a depressing week.  Now, I realize that this doesn’t have a lot to do with mediation, but

What’s your relationship with yourself?

I have a dog, and she often runs around our fenced in backyard.  On the left side of our backyard we have neighbours that have 2 little dogs.  My dog

Go for a Walk…

This past Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of Faith Christian Reformed Church in Burlington. Everyone met at one of the Compass Point Churches for the celebration…and it was a huge