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Rewriting Your Conflict Story

During recess in elementary school, I was playing pickle with some friends at the side of a baseball diamond.  We were in our own little world; trapping people between the

Learning Leadership with Carey Nieuwhof

Welcome to episode 6 of Conflict With Me! This week I got the pleasure of chatting with Carey Nieuwhof who has definitely been through some times of conflict and change within

Myth #3: Broadcast, Broadcast, Broadcast

What would it be like if you went out for coffee with someone, tried to carry on a conversation with them (respond to what they are saying, ask questions, etc.)

Nurture Your Mediator Chi with Social Media

The following is a guest post from a fellow Canadian Ben Ziegler.  He’s a mediator and a collaborative consultant, but here’s what you really need to know about him; He’s

Myth 1: I have nothing to say

There are many myths around social media.  This one is no exception: “I have nothing to say.” I get this a lot.  I’m on Facebook, I’m on Twitter, but I

All you need to do is ask (good questions)

If you are a conflict resolution professional, then I have 6 words to you: You are ahead of the game. What? Yes…you are ahead of the game when it comes

Listening…what does that mean? My thoughts on #tweetstock6

Have you ever been to an event that describes itself like this? Tweeststock is the world’s only Social Media Rock Conference! That’s right, our AMPs go to 11 right across

Status Update: You’ve been quoted

I think every cop TV show I have ever watched has used the line,  “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”  

Ears up!

If you try one thing this week, you should try active listening.  Or as on instructor I’ve had calls, “deep listening.”  I’m not quite sure which term I prefer yet.

What would you do?

I watched this thing on youtube a little while ago called What Would You Do? Have you ever seen it?  Quickly watch it and prepare to be disgusted. The video