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You have been leading your department for a little over 5 years and things have been going pretty well.  You are meeting your goals, your staff seem to enjoy you, and you feel called to the work your organization is doing.

Then, seemingly, one day everything blows up.  It feels like your staff no longer respect you the way they used to, you find yourself in some conflict, and you start to struggle to regain your confidence in who you are.

All that wisdom that you thought you had? It hasn’t left!  You might just need someone to bring them back to the surface so that you can take that wisdom to the next level.

That’s where a coach can help.  A coach will journey alongside you and can assist you in the areas of leadership and/or in conflict so that you can grow in your capacity, increase your confidence, and develop greater insights.

There are two types of coaching that may assist you, depending on where you are looking to head.  The first is Leadership Coaching which focusses on understanding and engaging the role of the leader within the system he/she is leading.  Conflict Coaching, focuses on understanding and action planning with respect to engaging one or more conflicted situations.

Coaching is an excellent avenue for journeying alongside individuals in leadership and/or conflict to understand and address the challenges in their context with greater insight, clarity and confidence.

All coaching is done through L3 Group.  For more information about coaching you can contact us below or look at the L3 Group website.