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Let’s face it, problems with others can be complex, messy, and leave us feeling stuck – or even worse – anxious and stressed.  This can make us feel like we are working hard to move past the problem, but it feels like we’re getting nowhere with the other person.

This feeling is magnified when the relationship is necessary for us to carry on with life.  Our business partners, our children/parents in the family business, our colleague that is an important part of the business.  It adds complexity when the other person needs us (in some way) and we need them.

That is where mediation can help.  Essentially, mediation empowers people to sit down and have a meaningful, and often difficult, conversation with others.  This conversation is facilitated through a third-party that, typically, doesn’t have a stake in the outcome of the conversation.

Mediation often does more than “just” resolve conflicts and disagreements.  It enables people to see and understand the other person’s perspective.  It enables people to understand and sort through their own experiences.  It enables people to plan towards a better future where they can thrive in the atmosphere that they are in.

Since mediation involves working with humans, each mediation looks differently.  This enables people to have the best process possible to engage in the conversations needed regarding the issues that are present.

Although each mediation process is unique to its own situation, here is the basic framework of the process Jason uses:

Jason is an excellent speaker and an even better listener. He values truth, candidness, forgiveness, and understanding and lives his values through both his work and personal life. He is someone who truly understands the nature and value of relationships. He operates in all situations by mutual respect and consent and to mutual advantage which builds incredible and lasting trust. While he has extensive experience helping people better understand themselves and their interactions with others, his real gift is in his ability to help heal relationships, restore order and enhance communication between individuals. This is a talent that is in short order in today’s world but is also the answer to many of the problems we face. Working with Jason will not only help you better your business, your dealings with others but also yourself. ~ Kevin Magee & Trevor Cherewka, Smashing Pixels
As the founding and lead pastor of a young church I regularly meet people who come to church hoping to escape the conflict they’ve experienced in their families or workplaces.  It’s like these people expect churches to be conflict immune.  The fact is, conflict is an inevitable part of all rich and real relationships and since these are the types of relationships we try to foster within our congregation we do see conflict from time-to-time.  So how do we address conflict in the best manner when it does arise?  We hired Jason with the intent of equipping a group of 30 of the leaders in our church to do this and we were not disappointed.  Conflict management is an area that Jason is very experienced in and passionate about.  From the start of our time together Jason engaged our group and kept them engaged through a series of interesting exercises that helped participants better know themselves as well as relate to others when working on a team.  Perhaps most interesting, Jason was able to change many leaders’ perception related to conflict – helping them to see the opportunity that is inherent in conflict situations. ~ Darrell Bierman