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Disclaimer: I bought a copy of this book when it was available for pre-order and because of that was able to grab an Uncorrected version of the book before it was released. I am also a pretty massive Mitch Joel fan who regularly consumes his content and is excited to see a fellow Canadian kicking major butt. Therefore, this review isn’t bias because I think deep down we’re all Mitch Joel fans ☺

I usually have 2-3 books on the go at any given time, but when Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It. came in my mailbox everything immediately got put down so that I could let Mitch Joel drop some knowledge on me, and drop some knowledge he did!

ctrlaltdeleteMy expectations for this book were pretty high after reading his previous book Six Pixels of Separation, and Mitch did not disappoint. You’ve likely noticed (if not…it’s time to get out a little more) that business has drastically changed the way it communicates with its employees and consumers. The way we get to know them, the way we communicate with them, the way we put our products and services into their pockets has drastically changed and businesses are struggling to understand this shift.

Welcome to Purgatory

Ctrl Alt Delete gives you a roadmap in which you can navigate this purgatory and reboot your business. Take my advice, don’t just read this book. Take notes and apply it to your business and then execute the heck out of it. It’s not enough to simply offer the lowest prices or the prettiest campaign anymore. If your business isn’t being useful, it’s not going to be used. It’s no longer about the catchiest phrase, but of asking better questions.

Rebooting your business is only part of the battle though. The other part to this book (and the part I really loved) helps you to Reboot: You. Mitch says it great as he transitions from business to you:

“Your future will be solely reliant on your ability to be smart, nimble, and effective in a business world that is about to be rebooted. The good news is that there are no gold watches in your future. The good news is that you can reboot you.”

There’s No Straight Line

Looking for an easy answer here? The easy answer is that it’s going to look different for each person and Mitch reminds us that everyone has their own squiggly line to navigate. We’re all responsible for ourselves and we can’t wait for someone else to take the initiative for us. Mitch has some great suggestions throughout this section and by the end of this book you’re going to have a full notebook of questions to ask yourself and your business so that you can start the process of hitting Ctrl Alt Delete.

At the end of each chapter, Mitch leaves you with some key takeaways from that takeaways and gives you plenty of examples on how you can begin reframing, refocusing, and rebooting yourself and your business. So do yourself a favour and pick it up a copy when it comes out on May 21…Your future depends on it!

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