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4 Insights From Improv That Will Improve Your Listening

“Alright! Everyone circle up!” “Alright! Half of you up there, the other half is the audience.” For the past two weekends, I have heard these phrases numerous times. You see,

Learn to Speak Frenish in Your Company

Does Your Company Have a Common Language? A long, long time ago, there were some folks who decided they were pretty awesome. They could all talk together, they spoke the


Whenever I say Intent, Action, Effect it always feels like I’m saying lights, camera, action! Anyways…let’s take a moment and look at this model together. I really like this model

The art of shutting up

So I have an idea…it’s not a new idea, but it is one that will help you learn more about people, glean more information about them, and to get them

Relationships and Scott Stratten

“We’re just going to keep going, we’re not going to stop” – Scott Stratten A few weekends ago I went on a youth retreat.  The theme was “Back to the

The illusion of communication

Take a moment to read this quote, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw This is a problem that

Why Listening is Important

I spend a lot of time listening these days.  I have to tell you, it’s awesome.  I also am starting to write a fair amount about listening on this blog

Skills – They take work

Every time I move I am faced with a major crisis.  The kitchen cupboards.  I can never remember where we put the plates, where the cheese slicer is, where my

We all have a story to tell

What is it about a story that makes people so intrigued?  This past Friday I posted the above status on Facebok; Once upon a time…  I didn’t know what I

Who are you?

It’s a simple question really, who are you? I went outside this morning and all the snow was melted. I have a dog who loved to chew on the firewood