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Conflict has a way of making us feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Over the years I have asked thousands of people what the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear the word – conflict.

Every group says words like: anxiety, broken relationships, tense, brokenness, fear, gut-wrenching, and pain.

But what if I told you it didn’t have to be? 

What if we started to reframe how we thought about conflict?  Conflict, in and of itself, is actually neutral.  It’s how we react to it that determines its outcome.

Think about it.  If you put a guitar in my son’s hands, it’s going to sound pretty mediocre at best.  But if you put that same guitar in Jimi Hendrix (or whoever is your guitar god) hands, that guitar is going to sing a beautiful tune.

The same is with conflict.  You have great things inside you.  It’s time to take them to the next level.

“Jason was able to change many leaders’ perception related to conflict – helping them to see the opportunity that is inherent in conflict situations.”

Darrell Bierman

There are three ways I can help you unleash your potential: 


Getting stuck in conflict with others can be debilitating and lead to unwanted stress hanging around.  We try to push it aside, but it stays with us.  It lays down with us at night, it follows us on our run, it doesn’t leave our side.  Sitting down, having a conversation with the other(s) can help alleviate that stress, refocus the relationship, and get rid of those unwanted feelings that have been tagging alongside you.


You know your potential.  You know the direction that you are headed.  You know what is holding you back from reaching your goal.  A coach will journey alongside you as you seek to develop your craft, will assist in identifying those stumbling blocks and work with you to develop strategies to hurdle over those stumbling blocks so that you can deal with the conflictual situation or develop your leadership muscles to get you where you want to be.


This isn’t your typical classroom teaching.  It comes in many forms: lunch & learns, day(s)-long trainings, keynote speaking.  As an international speaker, Jason has been been informing and entertaining groups of people for years.  Yes, your group will definitely learn new insights and tools that they can implement into their lives immediately while being entertained by stories of Jason’s screw-ups and missteps.

“We have appreciated Jason’s compassionate and reflective approach to assist management staff in their leadership development.  His offer of concrete strategies has been helpful in both individual and team development.”

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